By christopherkerr
Written May 04, 2016
This is a must-see, feel-good movie about an unlikely set of characters, mental health issues, the struggle for recovery & stable state and the search for love. Jackie Weaver, Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro & Jennifer Lawrence deliver Oscar-worthy performances.
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Spot on

By lisawil30
Written October 21, 2014
.The character development in this movie was spot on. As a Philly native, they nailed the sports fever inherited in the Eagles fan. While one could enjoy this movie solely as a romantic comedy to limit it to that genre would do the characters a disservice. I completely enjoyed watching the Italian-American family dynamics unfold. This is not just another chick flick. It is a relatable story about parental-child dynamics, family and how one deals with mental health issues in everyday life. After all, how many parents in today’s America have had an adult child move back home to help them “Get on their feet." CHARMIMG and HEARTWARMING... I can't wait to see this again... and I can't say that about many movies.
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Great Acting Always has Silver Lining

By jzactor
Written July 07, 2015
I enjoyed this film and was suprisingly moved by this film. The reason is the great actors who put in great performances. I can honestly say this is Bradley Cooper's best film acting ever. Robert Deniro is so great and so convincing and Jennifer Lawrence is terrific as well. All of the characters have deep inner struggles and insecurities which they are keeping at bay as well as possible and not even on a conscious level. Actors who are being characters such as these are rare and we honor them with awards for it. The stroy is believable, too, not a fariy tale and each character has a a deep journey into hell and huge changes that they go thru. The director kept it close to the vest and yes outlandish when the true emotion comes out in these disturbed characters. This film is worth seeing true actor/artists at work and it is impossible to not be moved so go see it and see if you are, too. I bet you will be even in spite of yourself!
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An all Time Favorite

By BoroAviator
Written July 24, 2016
I'm a 43 year old man who wanted a few brownie points with the wife. We had to drive a bit to see SLP, but it was worth it for MORE than just a few points. Believe the hype! This is an excellent movie! Jennifer Lawrence deserves the Oscar. I would say the same of Bradley Cooper, but I just recently saw Lincoln, and it's in the bag for Daniel Day. The Oscar for best pic is also in the bag for Lincoln (and I agree)....BUT, for pure entertainment (laughs and cries), and the pleasure of watching an almost Streep like performance (almost because nobody can touch Streep for pure ability), I would take SLP 10 outta 10 times. Move over Mila, the top of my free pass list now has J Lawrence in big bold letters. My wife was probably sorry she did not pick Breaking Dawn after hearing that news.
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By kreevers
Written July 26, 2016
Do not be tempted to avoid this film like most Rom-Coms in theaters. The trailer is a disservice the the movie itself. It's quite entertaining, and does something that many rom-coms don't succeed at: being grounded in reality. All the main characters are either living with a mental disorder or dealing with those around it. It brilliantly addresses this in the first half without bashing you over the head about it. By far this is the best I've seen all the actors/actresses in a while especially for Robert DeNiro and Chris Tucker, the two have delivered their best performances in a long time. Now the plot line is somewhat predictable, but in this case you actually don't mind it for the fact how innate Cooper and Lawrence are to their respective roles. It is already gaining buzz to be a top choice for the Oscars and after seeing it I completely understand why.
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