Silk is not so silky

By beldenb
Written September 15, 2007
There were some very artistic shots, but the movie was pretty poor. Weak acting, a plotline that didn't connect, and slow slow slow. Very dreary in tone.
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seems alright

By glxy
Written September 12, 2007
its alright not great
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Pitt's no Brad

Written September 16, 2007
I generally love period pieces but to describe this one as slow is an understatement. The biggest problem for me was the lead actor/character who I did not consider attractive nor charismatic. As a result, I could not see why the wife or the concubine would remotely find him irresistable!! A big drag overall!
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Worst. Ever.

By summee
Written March 22, 2008
This is probably the worst movie I've ever seen. My friends and I spent the entire time giggling or just in shock at the utter horror that is the acting and plot (or absence if, rather) in this movie. Not a single redeeming characteristic... zero storyline, hoooorrible dialogue, terrible acting-- how did it get made!?!?
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By Iseeeverymovie
Written September 16, 2007
Beautiful to look at, it gives a very lovely sense of the difference in "speed of life" in the 19th century. However, it is very wan, and one needs greats powers of attention not to look at ones watch! Mr. Pitt was simply too believable in this flat performance. Iseeeverymovie
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