Silent House Synopsis
Panic turns to terror when a young woman becomes sealed inside her family's remote lake house.
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Not every story needs a twist

By plain_jane_rotten
The concept of a single take, without the camera breaking away even once is a great idea. For the first half of the movie I was /really/ into it. It was intense, it was terrifying, it was...

1970s horror revised

By Hoffmaier
Silent House reminded me of a 1970s horror movie, which is the highest praise that I can give to a horror movie. Although the ending was pure DePalma, the first two thirds was early Wes Craven....

Not Worth Seeing

By lynnmurphy
A disappointment. Storyline is superficial. Not spooky at all, and not as suspenseful as trailer depicts. Movie starts out slow. It does begin to build up toward the middle of it. Acting was very...

Gave Me A Headache

By Installredge
This movie gave me a headache. There was so much blurred vision shaky camera filming it was actually annoying. Movie got so slow people started talking loudly in the theatre. Don't waste your money....

Pointless and lame - save your money

By kaching64
This film was so bad, my immediate thought leaving the theater was to cancel the credit card charge to Fandango for the tickets. The film was shot in that annoying handicam style similarly done with...

Silent House is Scary!

By chattymom04
I am surprised by the bad reviews, one which pretty much gives too much information (glad I didn't read any of these reviews before I went to see it!). I will say I did not care for the ending, it was...

Don't waste your money!!

By Moshey
This movie is SOOO bad. We left about half way through it. It remember me of the Blair Witch Project, the camera was moving the whoel time and gave me a headache. The acting was also bad....

HORRID movie about incest and child molestation

By donnab68
This movie is beyond bad! Horrible acting, nauseatingly shaky camera and incest/molestation between a father and a daughter? It disgusted me. Many people left the movie theater in the first 30...

Silent House

By davidjrcook
This movie, was a complete shocker from what the commercials originally gave us. It was extremely disturbing, now don't get me wrong, it was a very well done disturbing, but all the less very...

This Movie Is About Child Sexual Abuse - It is not about ghosts, demons, or anything paranormal

By lmscully
This is NOT a horror movie. This is a movie about psychosis and child sexual abuse. There are some tense moments and mild gore, but the main focus is a little girl being sexually abused. Not...

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Rated R | For Disturbing Violent Content and Terror
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Common Sense Media says Horror movie has more style (and blood) than story.
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