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The Silent Hill Revelation

By JonathanOfAwesometon
Written October 28, 2012
First off I will say this, you have to see the first movie for this one to make any sense. Alot of people are seeing this movie that haven't seen the first one, and they are left confused about everything. Now as for this movie, the progression of the story I thought was really cool. The symbolism and metaphors used I found very intriguing, and again the progression made in the story is very cool (if you can understand it). This movie didn't scare me much, personally I found the first one a lot more scary cause you didn't see all the monsters. This one didn't use the cloak and dagger approach as much, it's more of a straight up slasher approach with the monsters and the darkness. So I prefer the approach of the first movie more, but they definitely did good on the special effects here. I enjoyed this movie and it's message, and I hope they make a 3rd one. Go see it BUT seeing the first one is mandatory, it's on crackle right now, so go watch that before you decide to see this or not.
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Silent Hill, good sequel!

By beltboy90
Written October 26, 2012
All fans of the original Silent Hill have to go see Silent Hill: Revelation! The story goes on and questions get answered, and all the horrors of the first movie with some new, creepier demons return for this gruesome sequel. Must note that me and my friend saw it in regular, not 3-D and it was perfectly fine. If you're questioning which to watch it in, don't spend the extra!
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One of the better sequels

By D-Alexander
Written October 26, 2012
Definitely a nice follow up. It retconned the first movie a bit, but it wasn't anything major. Just some small tweaking to keep it cohesive. They brought back some of the original members from the first to reprise rolls which was nice. I always hate recasts when they're unnecessary because the new person rarely comes close to the original. The dialogue was well written and the ambiance through the different scenes was very carefully maintained. In general it was well paced and the special effects were improved upon. There were some new creatures introduced that were well imagined and created, and the scene in the asylum is arguably on of my personal favorites. Basically, if you liked the first, you'll want to see the second.
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Before you go, read the plot of the 1st movie on wiki

By MickyCsr
Written October 31, 2012
Before I went to this movie, I read the plot line of the 1st installment of Silent Hill on wiki. I'm glad I did. It made all the difference in the world. I would have been lost without the refresher. As long as you familiarize yourself with the basic plot from the first movie, you'll be fine - and as a result enjoy the movie much more.
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Not bad, but not particularly good

By GreatCthulhu
Written October 26, 2012
This movie is all style and no substance. It looks good, has some genuinely creepy moments (usually ruined by a "gotcha" scare), a typically bizarre (and wonderful) performance by Malcolm McDowell, and some better than average 3D effects. But the narrative is a mess. The movie sends you into a non-stop barrage of horrifying images, taking a break every now and again to allow a character to explain what is happening. It's as if the writer knows you probably didn't see the first film (I did) or have not played the video games (I have) and needs to bring you up to speed. I never mind that a film does not follow a source game or book exactly (as I feel a movie must be able to stand on it's own merits--besides, if it did, I'd rather read the book or play the game!) but this one needed a few more rewrites. When you consider that the SH franchise of games is drenched in psychology and symbology, the films are a big disapointment.
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