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Actually, not too bad.

By Shuyin84
Written October 26, 2012
To be honest, there were parts that seemed rushed and could have been alot better. But altogether, the movie didn't feel too long for being an hour and a half, and the story line was pretty good. In the end, you feel fulfilled and satisfied. Altogether, pretty good.
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loved it

By lace.5482
Written November 01, 2012
just as good as expected i really loved it and i love the gaurdian and my nurses ugh i cant wait to buy it its loaded with action
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Awesome Game Remake!

By ravenfaust
Written November 02, 2012
i am sick of these "critics; ripping this moving apart,They obviously did not play the games nor saw the first film. Second off, stop comparing this to the 1st movie, as it is not supposed ot TIe in at all, THESE are 2 Different films. This movie takes place in Silent Hill 3, with a new character , Heather. Now the new director did his job , making it scary. it has its moments, but if you are a TRUE silent hill fan you will enjoy this gem! Screw you haters!
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Exceeded my expectations.

By stephy_182
Written October 29, 2012
Before going to see this movie, everyone said it was a waste of money. After watching, I thought those people may have accidentally gone into a different movie, cause I thought it was great. But it definitely was not up to the standards the first movie set. I think to get the full benefit of it, you probably had to have played Silent Hill 3. There was some corny dialogue at the beginning, and it didn't have the same freaky look the first one did. However, the first full-on Pyramid Head scene almost made me pee. Hate that guy, he haunts my nightmares. The whole Asylum scene was very freaky, 5 stars on that. A little disappointed they didn't use the same little girl for Alessa this time around, but I guess everyone grows up, huh? *spoiler, maybe?* Also happy they hinted toward more movies at the end, hopefully someone else will direct it and give it back that freaky look we loved about the first one. Over-all I think it's a great movie, worth 8 bucks of your hard earned cash.
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I would see it again!

By sketron
Written November 05, 2012
As always, Silent Hill films are always vague, so I expected that much. However it seemed to build up ridiculously for you to meet this big bad enemy, only to be a little disappointed in the end.
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