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Please Don't Watch This.

By uno_play3r
Written October 26, 2012
Words alone simply cannot describe this horrible sequel. This movie is nothing like the first, and has took a Resident Evil approach. It does not following anything from the games, and aside from the Pyramid Head and Harry, every other character is new. The dialogue was beyond disappointing. The only reason why I stayed to watch the whole movie was because I went with my brother in his car, otherwise, I would have left 15 minutes in. I SWEAR to you, this movie will be disappointing, please wait for DVD or download it for free from someplace.
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It wasn't the first.

By Sphika
Written October 27, 2012
!!!Spoilers!!! Sharon and her stepfather continue the journey left to them by Rose, who we were left to believe was trapped on the other side of the veil. The father and duaghter duo have been living under the guise of aliases and a vagabond lifestyle until modern day, when Sharon turns 18. Her dreams and lucid hallucinations of Silent Hill become unavoidably compelling, although it takes the disappearance of her father before Sharon returns to the ashen, ever burning brooding grounds of her mother's hatred. The acting was shallow and completely unconvincing. The end was entirely anticlamatic. The movie as a whole appeared to be very tightly budgeted, and yet, it looks like there will be one to follow. With as horribly mutilated as the storyline was in this one, I can expect that the next will simply go the way of the Saw films, unabashed bloodshed and repetitive plots. In closing, this movie is for those who love to watch people die and those who don't care about solid plots.
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Silent hill 3d

By Louloumyeye
Written April 08, 2014
I watched the first and this one, it was pretty cool , the storyline was very interesting, and how it unfolded, was awesome. If it wasn't in 3d I probably would have waited for it to be in the store, if you like a pretty creative story in3d, yea go ahead and watch it..
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By 704sfinest
Written March 02, 2013
Was a struggle to stay awake through movie.
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Loved It!!!!!

By Kcupcakelove
Written November 27, 2012
This is a great movie really paying tribute to the Silent Hill games! Can't wait to get the DVD.
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