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Depressing follow up

By Eklipse80
Written October 29, 2012
Being a fan of the Silent Hill game franchise the first movie had a lot to live up to and in most cases it did. It did a fair job of translating the mood and atmosphere of the games onto film. Sadly the follow up, Silent Hill Revelations, failed in every aspect. It starts off with a very promising opening but quickly falls apart. This movie is an example of what happens when you pair a screenwriter and a director who obviously have no love for the source material. I will keep this spoiler free but to be frank all aspects of this story are either contrived, convoluted, or not necessary. We have a lot of buildup to a rushed, confusing, and disappointing ending. Everything fails in this movie, the cinematography, the visual effects, the acting, and even the sound design. This movie is a complete failure. This is a shame because the game franchise has some of the best backstory out there, instead of seeing this movie I suggest you purchase and play the games.
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By hinkleman27
Written October 27, 2012
It was an awesome movie if you like the game - It stuck to the story line very well .... I was just expecting more scary parts then what the trailer showed me.
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By kickindajunk02
Written November 22, 2012
This was rather a disappointment. I thought the 1st one was a lot better then this one. This one is a lot more gory and less spooky as the first. I probably won't buy this when it comes out
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silent hill: Revelation

By edunham
Written November 02, 2012
It was awesome and had more action in it. The first silent hill was a bit more scarier, but equally good...I really do think it should have started out with Harry like in the first game, instead of the mother, but it was still good.
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Would have been better if it were silent..

By jacematthews9
Written November 08, 2012
What happened? The first one was so good then this.Nothing even happened buring the movie that was worth talking about or remembering. I took my girlfriend who was in love with the first silent hill and she even hated the second one. What happened to Silent Hill..
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