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Silent Hill: Revelation Synopsis
Demonic forces threaten to enfold a teenager.
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The Silent Hill Revelation

By JonathanOfAwesometon
First off I will say this, you have to see the first movie for this one to make any sense. Alot of people are seeing this movie that haven't seen the first one, and they are left confused about...

One of the better sequels

By D-Alexander
Definitely a nice follow up. It retconned the first movie a bit, but it wasn't anything major. Just some small tweaking to keep it cohesive. They brought back some of the original members from the...

Silent Hill, good sequel!

By beltboy90
All fans of the original Silent Hill have to go see Silent Hill: Revelation! The story goes on and questions get answered, and all the horrors of the first movie with some new, creepier demons return...

Before you go, read the plot of the 1st movie on wiki

By MickyCsr
Before I went to this movie, I read the plot line of the 1st installment of Silent Hill on wiki. I'm glad I did. It made all the difference in the world. I would have been lost without the...

Good visuals

By Windwounder
If you're a fan of the original this should work for you. But I liked the parts more than the whole. No real jumps and it lacks some creep factor. Loved the nurses as always. Would have loved a...

Silent Hill

By mrfallreev
I can't say anything bad about the movie, but when it comes right down to it, I am easily put at the edge of my seat. There wasn't anything that really got my nerves so taught that I jumped out of my...

Not Better than the First

By msi.simpson
It was overall Boring. It did have some scenes where you jumped, or it was a lot of suspense, but defintely not worth the 15 dollars spent. -_- Wait for DVD or Netflix!...

Actually, not too bad.

By Shuyin84
To be honest, there were parts that seemed rushed and could have been alot better. But altogether, the movie didn't feel too long for being an hour and a half, and the story line was pretty good. In...

Not bad, but not particularly good

By GreatCthulhu
This movie is all style and no substance. It looks good, has some genuinely creepy moments (usually ruined by a "gotcha" scare), a typically bizarre (and wonderful) performance by Malcolm McDowell,...

I would see it again!

By sketron
As always, Silent Hill films are always vague, so I expected that much. However it seemed to build up ridiculously for you to meet this big bad enemy, only to be a little disappointed in the end....

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Rated R | For Some Language, Disturbing Images, Brief Nudity and Violence
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