Silent Hill:Revelation

By toddamnitt78
Written May 29, 2016
My wife and I went to see this movie (being huge fans of the original Silent Hill). My wife and I own and play every Silent Hill game and own the first movie based on the first Silent Hill game. Anyway, we were very excited to see this movie and once we bought tickets we decided to see the 3D version. The 3D was awesome. What we didn't like was that we didn't think the movie was scary at all, the story dragged on, and we just overall thought it was dissapointing based on the original movie and the video games, which are all 10-times scarier than this new Silent Hill: Revelations. Maybe it was just us but from what we are used to the scary and original Silent Hill games. Also, at the end of Silent Hill: Revelations, it looked as iff they set up for another sequel which appears it might be based off the newest game, Silent Hill Downpour. Overall we thought the movie was kind of boring and deffinitely disappointing. Toddamnit78
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Silent Hill ehh

By Spydermonkey83
Written November 01, 2012
I like change from video games to movies. Things changed so much in this. Lots of scenes could have been taken out and 30min more should have been added to make it better. Someone who doesn't know the story might like this more than i did.
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Creepy mind tripping

By ReelNerdy
Written May 24, 2015
Silent Hill: Revelation was a good creepy movie but at times I got lost with its plot that for non players of the game franchise may get totally lost with whats happening. Visually the movie is wonderful, felt very much like the games look and feel. There was also a constant creepiness to the film with its grungy look and eerie creatures. I still prefer the original one better, I think many of the aspects that made the first one good got buried beneath the dense story line presented in Revelation. Definitely a must see for fans of the games or the original movie, though it is definitely not for children.
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By bethos26
Written July 23, 2016
I really enjoyed the movie. I am a big fan of the Silent Hill video games and I like that the movie stayed true to the game. There was suspense and gore in the movie which I couldn't ask for more. I just wish the theater I went to didn't have annoying immature kids talking and laughing throughout the movie. Besides that, the movie was wonderful.
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Good suspense

By sntnlz
Written November 28, 2015
The game is much creepier but this is a good adaptation of the story. The best thing is that it's not full of unnecessary gore which doesn't scare you but only gives you an urge to throw-up like most horror movies in this post-Saw era do (boo, and thumbs-down to those). Of course being based on the game too, the story isn't about a bunch of teenage kids getting butchered by a psychopath or evil beasts and therefore is actually enjoyable. Silent Hill relies on the good old method of developing a suspenseful situation and then give it a nice finish to make you jump off your seat (so to speak). It's nothing against the movie itself, but 3D is as pointless in this movie as it is in the remaining 99.8%, so if you don't have an insatiable desire to put on 3D glasses and pay the extra money, you won't miss anything watching the non-3D version.
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