Worst movie !!!!!!!! Save your money !

By nikki20022005
Written August 31, 2014
Just watched this movie and it sucked so bad the acting and the whole plot! Nothing made sense it's like that put all the effort In The special fx! They should had just left this movie alone I m so mad I wish I can get a refund!
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Revelation/cinema Redemption!!

By pfjim
Written October 02, 2014
Finally-a great, old school acted, piece of bloody, gory-NEW-work of art!!!! If you see over 90+ movies a year, and you see ALL the rated- R horror films and ultra-violent pieces of film out there,--like I do--, I'm sure you will really appreciate and enjoy this movie to the fullest!!!
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Silent Hill ehh

By Spydermonkey83
Written November 01, 2012
I like change from video games to movies. Things changed so much in this. Lots of scenes could have been taken out and 30min more should have been added to make it better. Someone who doesn't know the story might like this more than i did.
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Par for the course in sequal

By flik_critic
Written July 29, 2014
If you're into the 3D experience, it was a definite must see. If you expected anything decent in the sense of a natural dialog or plot, don't bother. Everything about the plot and dialog seemed totally forced and predictable.
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Silent Hill:Revelation

By toddamnitt78
Written September 18, 2014
My wife and I went to see this movie (being huge fans of the original Silent Hill). My wife and I own and play every Silent Hill game and own the first movie based on the first Silent Hill game. Anyway, we were very excited to see this movie and once we bought tickets we decided to see the 3D version. The 3D was awesome. What we didn't like was that we didn't think the movie was scary at all, the story dragged on, and we just overall thought it was dissapointing based on the original movie and the video games, which are all 10-times scarier than this new Silent Hill: Revelations. Maybe it was just us but from what we are used to the scary and original Silent Hill games. Also, at the end of Silent Hill: Revelations, it looked as iff they set up for another sequel which appears it might be based off the newest game, Silent Hill Downpour. Overall we thought the movie was kind of boring and deffinitely disappointing. Toddamnit78
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