Sienna Guillory

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Eric Roberts The Wicked Within
2013 Bill Paterson The List
2011 Sam Elliott The Big Bang
2011 William Fichtner The Big Bang
2011 Snoop Dogg The Big Bang
2011 Delroy Lindo The Big Bang
2011 Antonio Banderas The Big Bang
2011 Bill Duke The Big Bang
2010 Graham Greene Gunless
2010 Callum Keith Rennie Gunless
2009 Jennifer Connelly Inkheart
2009 Brendan Fraser Inkheart
2009 Helen Mirren Inkheart
2009 Andy Serkis Inkheart
2009 Paul Bettany Inkheart
2009 Jim Broadbent Inkheart
2008 Steven Berkoff Perfect Life
2006 Jeremy Irons Eragon
2006 Rachel Weisz Eragon
2006 John Malkovich Eragon
2006 Robert Carlyle Eragon
2006 Djimon Hounsou Eragon
2005 Ian Hart Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen
2005 Joanne Whalley Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen
2005 Alicia Silverstone Silence Becomes You
2004 Jared Harris Resident Evil: Apocalypse
2003 John Rhys-Davies Helen of Troy
2003 Stellan Skarsgård Helen of Troy
2003 Rufus Sewell Helen of Troy
2003 Liam Neeson Love Actually
2003 Laura Linney Love Actually
2003 Bill Nighy Love Actually
2003 Keira Knightley Love Actually
2003 Alan Rickman Love Actually
2003 Hugh Grant Love Actually
2003 Rowan Atkinson Love Actually
2003 Colin Firth Love Actually
2003 Billy Bob Thornton Love Actually
2003 Emma Thompson Love Actually
2002 Phyllida Law The Time Machine
2002 Jeremy Irons The Time Machine
2002 Guy Pearce The Time Machine
2002 Alan Young The Time Machine
2002 Mark Addy The Time Machine
2001 Paul Bettany Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang)
2001 Stellan Skarsgård Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang)
2001 Chris Penn Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang)
2000 Rupert Graves Take a Girl Like You
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