By msymeonides
Written May 18, 2012
Wow!! What and evening. I can''t wait for Saturday for the final chaopter. Great cast, and production. This Ring cycle is a must see for all opera lovers. Grand opoera at it's best/
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Superb Performance - but theater needs lots of help

By phinismom
Written May 17, 2012
Superb performances by everyone. Just about perfection. The sets and costumes worked much better in this than for Die Walkure. Fabio Luisa has a deft and sure touch as conductor. The 1st intermission was omitted from this showing, and is sorely needed. The negative on this was not the performance but the theater. There is NO hot water in the rest rooms - just cold. The food selections are so dreadful they now make airline food purchase choices look enticing. Other than pop corn and ice cream, food options are overpriced and slap dash in their preparation when heating is needed. I've had a partially warmed up to dog, a so-called pretzel that was partially mush and partially cement, and am wondering what to dare try for the next long Wagner performance.
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Met Opera "Encore" cheats its audience

By Barry Freed
Written May 17, 2012
It was ALMOST a complete joy to see the Met's 2011 "Siegfried" again. Jay Hunter Morris -- one of the top opera discoveries of the last 100 years -- and his fellow performers were beyond superb. As was true also in "Die Walkure," Lepage's 45-ton contraption was effective at some moments and distracting at others. The set was much too dark during the action near Fafner's cave, despite the fact that it was supposed to be mid-day. Also, placing the performers (and their spotlights!) right in front of projected backgrounds was sloppy directing. On the whole, though, the direction was highly effective. "ALMOST" because these "Encore" showings are TOO-HEAVILY TRUNCATED versions of the originals -- minus most of the wonderful backstage interviews and one of the much-needed intermissions. ONE intermission(!) in a four+ hour opera simply is NOT ENOUGH. And having to wait nearly 3 hours for it adds insult to injury! PLEASE "Encore" the ORIGINAL broadcasts!!!
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By joand
Written May 17, 2012
In credible, I'm just sorry that more people didn't experience it. The Eathom events especially the Opera, need to be advertised more. This Ring presentation was a not to be missed event.
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By jcardy000
Written May 17, 2012
Fantastic opera experience! So glad I saw the Wagner's Dream documentary first! I expecially enjoyed extra ordinary technical complexity as well as the fabulous performance.
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