Sidney Fox
Date of Birth
Dec 10, 1910
Birth Place:
New York City, New York

Worked With

Year Name Title
1935 Myrtle Stedman School for Girls
1935 Anne Shirley School for Girls
1935 Charles Ray School for Girls
1935 Robert Warwick School for Girls
1935 Paul Kelly School for Girls
1935 Lois Wilson School for Girls
1935 Edward J. Le Saint School for Girls
1935 William Farnum School for Girls
1935 George Cleveland School for Girls
1935 Purnell Pratt School for Girls
1935 Anna Q. Nilsson School for Girls
1935 Dorothy Lee School for Girls
1934 Henry O'Neill Call It Murder
1934 Granville Bates Call It Murder
1934 O.P. Heggie Call It Murder
1934 Lynne Overman Call It Murder
1934 Richard Whorf Call It Murder
1934 Margaret Wycherly Call It Murder
1934 Humphrey Bogart Call It Murder
1934 Mary Boland Down to Their Last Yacht
1934 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Down to Their Last Yacht
1934 Dot Farley Down to Their Last Yacht
1934 Ned Sparks Down to Their Last Yacht
1934 Betty Farrington Down to Their Last Yacht
1934 Sterling Holloway Down to Their Last Yacht
1934 Harry Semels Down to Their Last Yacht
1933 Wally Patch Don Quixote
1932 Margaret Lindsay Afraid to Talk
1932 Edward Arnold Afraid to Talk
1932 King Baggot Afraid to Talk
1932 Tully Marshall Afraid to Talk
1932 Robert Warwick Afraid to Talk
1932 Gustav von Seyffertitz Afraid to Talk
1932 Berton Churchill Afraid to Talk
1932 Louis Calhern Afraid to Talk
1931 Charles Winninger Bad Sister
1931 George "Slim" Summerville Bad Sister
1931 ZaSu Pitts Bad Sister
1931 Humphrey Bogart Bad Sister
1931 Conrad Nagel Bad Sister
1931 Bette Davis Bad Sister
1931 Emma Dunn Bad Sister
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