Side Effects

By rangergtr
Written March 25, 2013
I actually had some negative side effects from wasting my money and time on this terrible movie. The trailer made this movie look more like a psychological horror pic but instead we got a typical murder mystery which was badly acted (except for Rooney Mara, who was excellent) and boring. You can see the plot lines a mile away through thick fog. The so called twists weren't very twisty but were predictable. The first half of this movie was like watching a documentary on how bad the pharmaceutical industry is and it is pretty bad so good for the producers to bring some light on the criminals in that industry. The second half was the predictable part with no real surprises. When my popcorn was gone, I should have left. One bright spot to note. Rooney Mara's performance was so good, it almost made seeing this horrible movie worthwhile.
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Very entertaining movie.

By Paindoc
Written August 28, 2014
I'm a big fan of Steven Soderbergh and he did not disappoint here. This is a very entertaining film with an engrossing plot with many twists and turns to keep you thinking and putting all the clues together along with Jude Law's character. It appears at first to be simply a roasting of the pharmaceutical industry (and it partly is) but as the story unfolds there is much more to this film than that. Jude Law is terrific and very sympathetic as a well-meaning conscientious psychiatrist who gets into much more than he bargained for while treating a depressed young woman. No spoilers here so you have to go see this one for yourself!
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Side Effects

By Hipspanic
Written August 29, 2014
Yet another case of some talking head movie critic going on a morning talk show and raving wildly about a movie and the movie itself not living up to the rave. This movie is ok and the twist at the end is a surpise but dangggggg, it takes a looonnnnggg time to get there with lots of useless throw away shots that do not advance the plot imo. On the plus side, Rooney Mara is really good though she plays yet another dark, moody edgy character. would be nice to see her in something light and upbeat to see if she has the chops for that. I really like her, but would just like to see her do something that isn't so derivative of her role in The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. Jude Law is excellent and carries the movie imo. Great actor! All in all, an ok but not exceptional movie, critic's opinion not withstanding. I think some critics are too much a part of the Hollywood movie industry and will offer up a positive review of a movie just because they like certain actors, directors etc.
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Well done thriller

By teri.lehan
Written February 10, 2013
This is a masterpiece of a psychological thriller. We loved it! There is a well written clever plot, fantastic writing and characters and top notch acting. Such a refreshing change from the non-stop violence of most thrillers.
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So - So

By Jaws4ever
Written August 27, 2014
Was not thrilled with this movie. It had been hyped as "Hitchcockian" - far from it in my opinion. Sir Alfred Hitchcock would roll over in his grave to have his name/style associated with this film. There were perhaps 2 saving graces in this movie: its length - 105 minutes - thank God it was not one minute longer; and Jude Law. I could certainly have done without the scene towards the end that added nothing to the movie except nausea.... I give it 2 thumbs down.
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