Side Effect-an excellent Movie

By lexwindow
Written August 28, 2015
I read the movie reviews before I went to the theater, a secondary and cheap theater, only costing 1.5 dollar, haha. A deal for such an excellent movie. Overall the movie exceeded my expectation. I was late for the picture for half an hour. The movie is thought-provoking. I wish I was not late, and wanting to wait for the next round in this cheap theater. Jude Law is amazing in his role. Channing Tatum was impressive although his role is short. Catherine Zeta-Jones played masterfully. The whole story is thought provoking, and made me to watch it again. A memorable movie to go.
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Side Effects

By Twin Girls
Written September 01, 2015
Great script and acting...a must see! I found Side Effects to be fun, engaging, exciting and provocative. A thriller that makes you think you know what might happen, but surprises you with twist and turns.
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Side Effects

By flakittykat1
Written March 29, 2015
I did NOT like this film at all. The acting was below par with the exception of Jude Law....
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Side Effects "side" swiped me!

By rebecca.giancola
Written November 29, 2014
I was highly impressed with this film! There are elements of it that lead you to believe it is going to be cliche and not add much depth but the movie has a way of splitting itself into two "sides" that you never see meeting in the middle until almost the very end. Rooney and Jude own their characters and each take charge in their own way(s). The score is another thing worth mentioning: it adds such a disturbing factor to certain scenes in a way that is genius. I want to see this a second time because there are so many layers to it that I did get confused. Overall, it is a very well thought out film that starts out one way and ends up being something pretty different.
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Side Effects

By mariegpass57
Written May 06, 2015
Great cast, but did not really like the story. A little confusing at times. How in the heck could be married to Channing Tatum and (not going to spoil it for others). I would wait for the DVD.
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