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By winged1
Written May 07, 2015
I honestly LOVED "Side Effects"! It's quite a cerebral-type of thriller, and truly brings into question all those great moral and ethical dilemmas we see in the headlines today. Did the doctor exercise his best judgment? Is the medical community unduly influenced by personal gain due to their consultative relationships with the major pharmaceutical companies? Even more important, why is our society currently so prone to self-medicate? The acting is great all-around, and I find it difficult to believe that director Steven Soderbergh claims this is his last film. Let's hope he's not quitting Hollywood and just taking a sabbatical. At any rate, "Side Effects" is a must.
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Soderberg strikes again...

By capcuervo
Written July 26, 2016
...with an extremely smart and sexy thriller. All the players are perfectly cast, the performances spot on and the plot secrets revealed with great skill. I want to see it again to catch what I missed the first time.
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Good Way to spend an Evening

By lynnyb
Written September 30, 2016
Rooney Mara does an outstanding job as the main character. The story builds and keeps you guessing as you see Jude Law's life crumble after events that he could never have predicted. The plot twists and turns and overall it was excellent. I would definitely recommend.
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By kelliwilson81
Written October 10, 2015
Great movie full of twists and turns!!
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By roseyjade00
Written November 30, 2015
This is a must see movie with an unexpected twist. I don't usually give reviews on movies, but this one was worth doing so. If you're only into hard-charging action movies with lots of violence and could care less about the story-line, then this movie is not for you. However, if you enjoy a good story then you must see this movie.
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