By danyul3
Written June 25, 2016
This movie has to be on my list of one of the worst movies ever... I really do not recommend this movie. The plot was terrible and the ending made no sense.... Terrible
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Good plot and story line

By Richard4506
Written June 30, 2016
If you can put the plausibility factor setting at mid point you will probably enjoy this yarn with Jude Law carrying the weight of this story. There are several gaps in the storyline that stretch things thin. A few surprises do ensue and you are caught by some that are credible but thinly so.. On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being out of this world I'd give it a 6.4.
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Side Effects

By rangergtr
Written July 26, 2016
I actually had some negative side effects from wasting my money and time on this terrible movie. The trailer made this movie look more like a psychological horror pic but instead we got a typical murder mystery which was badly acted (except for Rooney Mara, who was excellent) and boring. You can see the plot lines a mile away through thick fog. The so called twists weren't very twisty but were predictable. The first half of this movie was like watching a documentary on how bad the pharmaceutical industry is and it is pretty bad so good for the producers to bring some light on the criminals in that industry. The second half was the predictable part with no real surprises. When my popcorn was gone, I should have left. One bright spot to note. Rooney Mara's performance was so good, it almost made seeing this horrible movie worthwhile.
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By kwill1
Written February 11, 2016
I love Jude Law but needless to say, I was shocked how slow this movie progressed.....it was so slow I ended up falling asleep in the first 40min-- in the theater.....BUT I can say, the last 35-40 min I saw was great... they threw in a good twist that kept me awake but I could have waited for the DVD!
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Side Effect-an excellent Movie

By lexwindow
Written May 29, 2016
I read the movie reviews before I went to the theater, a secondary and cheap theater, only costing 1.5 dollar, haha. A deal for such an excellent movie. Overall the movie exceeded my expectation. I was late for the picture for half an hour. The movie is thought-provoking. I wish I was not late, and wanting to wait for the next round in this cheap theater. Jude Law is amazing in his role. Channing Tatum was impressive although his role is short. Catherine Zeta-Jones played masterfully. The whole story is thought provoking, and made me to watch it again. A memorable movie to go.
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