Side Effects

By penny Mcadams
Written January 31, 2015
I thought it was a good movie. We always rate the movies from 1 to 10. Ten being the best and one being the worst. I rate it an 8. My husband gave it a 7. And adult son gave it a 6.
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Great film

By edgemarty
Written March 05, 2015
Wonderful plot ......great acting........not a wasted moment or segment. This is an example of what pros can accomplish. Great film making, I hope the director does not retire. Stay Gold Marty
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Slow mo

By surf4cars
Written February 10, 2013
Im the tester for my friends in movies. If I am sleeping 45 mins in to the movie its not good They all tell me to get a hotel because its not much more expensive now days. Was sleeping in this one 30 min in to it.
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Side Effects

By Twin Girls
Written July 28, 2014
Great script and acting...a must see! I found Side Effects to be fun, engaging, exciting and provocative. A thriller that makes you think you know what might happen, but surprises you with twist and turns.
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Well done thriller

By teri.lehan
Written January 28, 2015
This is a masterpiece of a psychological thriller. We loved it! There is a well written clever plot, fantastic writing and characters and top notch acting. Such a refreshing change from the non-stop violence of most thrillers.
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