Side Effects Synopsis
A successful New York couple's lives unravel when a new drug prescribed by Emily's psychiatrist (Jude Law) – intended to treat anxiety – has unexpected side effects.
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Bipolar Puts it Best

By MedRed
Side Effects has two very distinct halves. The first part of the movie is slow, meticulous, and intelligent. From someone in the industry, it paints a very realistic picture of depression symptoms...


By mlr1012
Great film. Keeps you guessing. I gasped, along with the rest of the audience, several times. Mara, Law, and Zeta-Jones were phenomenal. If you do nothing else this weekend, go see Side Effects....

It will keep you guessing!

By sjwalsh97
We went to this movie for a date husband picked it. I didn't know a lot about it, which was probably good. It was very interesting with lots of twists and turns, which I like. This is a...

Side Effects

By gwenfrye
I read prior reviews and was excited about this movie. What a boring movie!! I really did not care what happened to any of the characters. The twists did not do it for me. I go to the movies quite...

Two BIG thumbs down....

By mggoodman
I was really looking forward to seeing this movie and I was anticipating a storyline pertaining to...well...SIDE EFFECTS. I was utterly disappointed. While I loved Jude Law's character simply...

Slow start, strong finish

By mikefromakron
Fascinating story. Excellent acting. A movie with multiple twists and turns that is worth seeing. The beginning is a relatively long set up of one of the main characters, it takes some time to...

Keeps you guessing

By Sikksnow
This was a well made movie with a strong storyline. The entire cast did a fantastic job, and should all be up for awards. Rooney Mara does not disappoint and the dynamic created with the cast was...

Good movie

By swaymbsc
At first I thought this movie was going to be too dark and depressing for me. However, as this movie went on it got better and better. A lot of good twists I didn't see coming. Very entertaining. I...

Side Effects- do not waste your money

By Fawn movie fan
This movie is simply awful! You see Rooney Mara's hangdog look for practically the entire movie and it's unbearable. Painful people painful. I wish I was warned before throwing money away for this...

Say it ain't so! (derbergh)

By scotticusmaximus929
To explain that cumbersome title, Soderbergh has said that "Side Effects" will be his last feature film. I hope he's just a little burnt out and needs a break, because this is excellent filmmaking. ...

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Rated R | For Sexuality, nudity, violence and language.
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Common Sense Media says Thriller's twisty plot overshadows thought-provoking themes.
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