It probably won't be in theaters very often, but if it is, SEE IT!

By pablorkcz
Written July 19, 2012
Limited release concert documentary about LCD Soundsystem's last concert (as in: last ever). Really worth seeing on the big screen with a big sound system if you have the chance. Maybe it'll play again for midnight showings or other special occasions.
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Great show live

By music_man60
Written July 19, 2012
Was at the concert and it was amazing. The movie gave a lot of context to what Murphy was thinking through the ordeal. The music in the movie brought me back to Madison Square Garden. LCD will be missed! Is there a chance of a revival? One could hope.
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You should have seen it!!

By jewyjo
Written July 19, 2012
I have never cried during a movie and seeing one of your favorite musicians break down and cry.... well.... It is a must see when it comes to DVD. It was shot beautifully and the music, of course, was fantastic. Made me realize what a human our "Rock Stars" are.
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By dyerbe
Written July 20, 2012
A fascinating look into a band that leaves the scene at the Peak of their career. Great footage... LCD you will be missed... dance yourself clean...
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Unexpectedly Great, Not Just For Fans

By wikifreak1020
Written July 19, 2012
Shut Up And Play the Hits is a concert film/documentary that shows the last hurrahs of LCD Soundsystem. The film did a great job of showing the emotions going through the head of James Murphy, the lead singer of the band. The shots were beautiful and the lighting was perfect. The one criticism I have is that the film did not show much of the perspective of the other band members. I would have liked to see their reactions to the decision to break up the band. Otherwise, the film was great, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes rock music, not just anyone who likes LCD Soundsystem. I went in to this film, as I'm sure some other people did, not really knowing much of LCD Soundsystem's music, or them as a band. I was still mindblown by their music and their camaraderie as a band. Overall, this is a great film, and I would see it again.
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