Shutter Island Review

By makuma
Written February 27, 2010
I am a psychiatric nurse and I found this movie to truly capture the inner torture of those who suffer from mental illness. This ensemble cast and the "edge of your seat" story line made me spellbound and sorry to see the movie end. Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing! The supporting cast truly captured the essence of people suffering from the most severe forms of paranoid schizophrenia and other sociopathic personality disorders. This is a must see movie!
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A mystery for 2 FBI agents to solve with plenty of clues, twists & turns along the way.

By critcallyme
Written February 20, 2010
There is plenty of mystery in this story as 2 FBI agents try to figure out how a patient at Shutter Island, a mental institution escaped from her locked cell with bars on the window. As they investigate no one is willing to talk. The story progresses and begins to appear as if there is a plot to keep them on the island. Through the smoke & mirrors of the investigation the ending becomes predictable before the end however with a small bonus. If you like mysteries you will like this movie. If you like straight forward plots or if you are looking for a feel-good movie this is not it. It takes place in an old mental hospital with patients that appear to not have showered in years. Also, the weather is gloomy throughout & progresses to hurricane like conditions which helps set a dreary scene for our story to unfold in. Parents be aware it does include some disturbing images & brief nudity.
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Shutter island one of the best movies of 2010 !!!

By Mrmuveman
Written June 26, 2010
This movie was amazing.Anyone would enjoy this film.My mom usually sleeps during movies but this one was hard to fall asleep at. A SLEEK, SMART, JAW DROPPING, BLOODY ,SCARY,MAYHEM, FILLED WITH MYSTERYS THAT WILL LEAVE YOU WITH YOU'R JAW DROPPED AND WILL LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS!
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By blocstar
Written February 19, 2010
I was so disappointed in this movie! The positives were that the acting was fantastic, the way it was filmed, angles, scenery, era, all that was great! It could have been so good! But the story was... boring. Halfway through the movie the people in the theater were leaning back in their seats, yawning, instead of being at the edge of their seats with anticipation. It was slow, it lacked the excitement we think we see in the trailers, it wasn't spooky, and it's NOT a good thing when you can guess the twist at the end before it happens. The turn it took towards the end was disappointing, too. I knew it would happen, but I didn't want the movie to go in that direction. I'm glad I saw an advanced screening and didn't have to pay to see this. Sorry guys, I WANTED to like it!
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You'll Need a LOBOTOMY after seeing this!

By John"Q"public
Written February 22, 2010
Don't waste your money or time seeing this movie. Don't believe the MEDIA hype.. it was HORRIBLE!
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