Pathetic and Irritating

By nshah78
Written November 03, 2016
This is such a badly made movie that I started hating this movie after watching the first 1/2 hour. But I kept going hoping that there might be something interesting coming up like a twist, a climax or improvement to the overall storyline. But from the beginning till the end, this movie is pathetic and irritating. This is a major letdown from Yash Raj films and Aditya Chopra. Total crap and total waste of our money.
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Once a watch - timepass

By sudeepmisra
Written September 20, 2013
The movie is great when it comes to depict the natural and free spirits of India. The actors did a commendable job. Rishi Kapoor , Sushant and Parineeti have played their parts really well. However i felt , the story-line went a little loose towards the end. Movie showed the confusions and fear of commitment that the upcoming generation had toward marriage.
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should desi Romance ????

By darklord_saphria
Written September 15, 2013
An over hyped plot, based on completely misunderstanding of reality. People obviously will like a cheesy chick flick especially when the actors do justice to there roles. Rishi Kappor stands out in his acting. All the other 3 lead roles did there job, the Sushant Singh and his face of innocence works out initially but towards the end it kind of becomes boring. On the whole this movie is not about Romance, or fear of marriage. I wouldn't even say this is the reality, but a different interpretation of todays world. For many this movie would be a must see time pass. But for me , its a very average movie. If you like chick flicks you would love this.
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Contrary to the title, a film with a difference

By karanjkarpraveen
Written September 08, 2013
I like to watch movies where director and writer have something to tell the audience. Good work by the team. Good job by Parineeta, Sushant and Vaani. Contrary to the title of the movie, this is atypical Hindi movie. Sushant has done good job of a confused young man. Parineeta is now type casted, and I liked her throughout the movie. Vaani Kapoor had great challenge to be casted against Parineeta and she is no less than her. Rushi Kapoor is great as usual. A very entertaining romantic comedy.
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Bad story telling!

By geet2000
Written September 17, 2013
Don't waste your time & money. If you want to watch romance scenes, which are plenty in this movie w/o a purpose, watch it on DVD.
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