Funny and Entertaining!

By sariah_sergio
Written November 16, 2007
I took my son when he was only 14 mths for the first time to the theatre to watch this movie. I didn't think he would actually sit through it, but I was mistaken, he was sitting there on my lap eating popcorn, a hot dog, and sipping on his drink watching the movie. Every time a funny part came on he would point to the screen and laugh or squeal, it was hilarious!!! At the end he clapped and wanted to watch it again.
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I think it's been done

By H3OIndra
Written January 07, 2008
Despite the success of this movie when it was at the box office I think the best way to describe this 3rd installment of Shrek is to say that it's reached the end (despite the 4th Shrek already being developed.) To me, the first was funny and the second was even funnier, but the 3rd just couldn't get the same laughs. They still had some clever scenes to entice both childrens and adults while ensuring the adult humor would pass over the head of a child but it just wasn't quite enough. It's a worthwhile rental for the animation alone but don't settle into it expecting anything different from the first two.
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IT'S AMAZING!! Outdoes the first one!

By xoxoeeyore86
Written May 07, 2007
I actually got to go see Shrek the third this past Thursday (May 3rd) due to an advanced screening opp. It was really good, everyone in the audience laughed a LOT!! I'm an animation major, so I loved the intense amount of detail they put into every character. The new characters are adorable, they bring such life to the show and it was just so funny!! Definitely go see it. I'm not one for sequels, but this one gets a GOLD STAR and TWO THUMBS UP!!!
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DVD is Now Out; Some Great Special Features

By MooVeeLover
Written November 20, 2007
I just picked up the DVD release of Shrek The Third. Not a bad transfer from the big screen. The special features are mostly just okay, but the really interesting bits are the interviews with the cast members. It's really interesting to see what Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, and Mike Myers have to say about their respective characters. Also interesting, if you are in the industry, is the pitch meeting footage in which the creators animate the storytboards.
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It was OK

By Bradaigh
Written December 11, 2007
The first was phenomenal. The second was good, though not great, and this one was a let-down. It had some funnies.
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