Shotgun Stories

By Dr_FeelGood
Written March 07, 2016
Superb acting all around, most notably by lead actor Michael Shannon. A great story. I was really impressed that the film didn't rely on stereotypes of Arkansas or life in a small town. This really adds to the credibility of the story and makes the characters more real. There is some violence but it's not gory. There is quite a bit of dark humor.
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Not Actually About Shotguns, Turns Out

By Heres_Johny
Written August 22, 2016
**Minor Spoilers Of Inciting Events** Shotgun Stories takes a while to bust out the shotguns, and I'll admit I was feeling a little itchy waiting. I'll save you the trouble of wondering: it was worth it. The indie-drama falls decidedly into the tragedy category and focuses on a blood-feud which spirals toward the clash of two sets of half-brothers. Son, played by the underrated Michael Shannon, and his younger brothers, Boy and Kid, were abandoned by their drunken father early in life. After the separation, their father went on to sober up, find Jesus, and raise a Mulligan-family of four brothers born of his second wife. His new family (the Hayes), operate a large and successful farm, which we're led to believe the reformed father built up once he crawled out from the bottle and into Jesus's hands. Son, Boy, and Kid are impoverished - Boy lives in his van, Kid in a tent outside Son's trailer - so it's no surprise that they hate the Hayes and the life their father built for them.
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