Short Term 12 Synopsis
Short Term 12 is told through the eyes of Grace (Brie Larson), a 20-something supervisor at a facility for at-risk teenagers.
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Best Movie This Year So Far

By sammydeezy
The characters in this movie were fantastic and the directing doesn't have all the sentimentality shoved right in your face. The director places their emotions and anguish in a a very neutral place...

An emotional, beautiful story

By nise1231
Beautiful story that makes you believe that people can still rise above, change, and remain good despite their surroundings telling them they can't. The quick glimpses into the lives of the children...


By pedsarq
This movie doesn't have any real flaws that I can point to. It's well acted, well thought out, and constantly engaging in a way that kept me interested and guessing. The setting is a foster care...

Touching realistic romance in a foster care institution

By jdowney3
A really well-acted story about teenagers in a foster care facility, with a complicated romance between two of the staff weaving throughout the movie. Not a slow moment in the whole movie, and...

Short Term 12

By jeanjennett
My husband and I share over 40 years experience in the environment portrayed in this movie. Everything about it was very realistic. The script and acting felt just like my experience in these types...


By godstevies
For those who were emotional tense at some point in there life. This is a look at the true underdogs that you have to pull for regardless....

It would be hard to spend 90-some minutes doing anything better than watching this movie.

By averageJH
You're hooked from the moment Sammy runs out the door until he does it again. A great story of love, redemption and resiliency....


By combatorange
i loved this movie. it was hilarious and a great movie. no boring parts in between. funny start and good ending. go now!!...

Psychically on point

By chrispearceok
Short Term 12 is a gritty, direct, character screenplay made with confident style and ethic. It's romantic plot line goes a step farther than the typical...

By AllieThatchair
New favorite movie! Hits you right in the feels....

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Rated R | For for language and brief sexuality
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says OK for kids 16+ Heartrending troubled-teen drama explores heavy themes.
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