SHORTS - short-changed!!! Rating: 55 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written August 21, 2009
Recently I attended the advance VIP press preview of this 1.5hr hyper-kinetic movie. Director Robert Rodriguez who did so well with SPY KIDS and SIN CITY totally missed the mark with this frenetic and poorly-constructed movie that dragged on and on. Yes, I walked out at the end with a major headache. SHORTS was not presented chronologically - it flips back and forth as a series of short stories that all linked-up to make a whole film - hence, the name of the movie - SHORTS. To put it simply, SHORTS was badly executed. Period. VERDICT: 'Booger Monster'??? Oh puhleeeze! To say the least - I was disappointed because I had high expectations for it. The trailers were much much much better. Well - at least this movie will appeal to kids. It is wayyyyy too silly for anyone over 10. Wait to rent the DVD for the kids while you spend time doing more worthwhile tasks. Actual GRADE: D - for DUMB.
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Not intended for everyone

Written August 19, 2009
There is some creativeness I will admit, but the humor wasn't thought out. I can see the movie from a kids point of view and there are some parts where there could be a good laugh or two. This film feels like it has been done before and I have seen it too many times. Of course not everyone has seen these types of films so this film may appeal to those who are curious. There are better family films than this.
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Shorts 08/15/2009

By hawaipinay
Written August 15, 2009
Aloha Everyone! My family and I just watched this movie; 'Shorts' at the Palms, Las Vegas, Nevada. My kids liked how there were different short movies within the movie, it helped them understand the personalities in each characters. It reminded me of Spy Kids a little. My kids said it reminded them of 'Dragon Tales' with the rainbow rock. If any of the kids understood what was being said in the last portion of the movie, it has a good meaning to the stories. Good for kids! Mahalo!
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Friday Night Waste

By freckles
Written September 12, 2009
This movie was a complete waste of my families time. We should get refunds. I might as well have taken my 5 year old to Sorority Row. I don't want my children learning these bully behaviors. They have already started sassing me and my husband. Also I don't want my children being exposed to this kind of crude humor. I thought this was a family friendly movie. It was to choppy and my children had trouble comprehending and so did I. Just Kidding! im just a kid!!!! But it still was stupid and a waste of time. DON'T BOTHER SEEING THIS MOVIE. WHAT A WASTE!!!!!
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Such a disappointment!

By jesbalascio
Written August 22, 2009
This movie is so poorly written, acted, and directed, I can think of nothing positive to say about it. My son (who is 6) didn't like it despite the overuse of flatulence and references to 'boogers' and such. I am totally disappointed, out $40 for the adventure, and will never get that 90 minutes of my life back. I am telling you, this one isn't even worth renting.
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