SHORTBUS ~ Nothing Short of Scintilating

By lugubriousthespian
Written August 26, 2009
John Cameron Mitchell's SHORTBUS is a revelation of sorts in Indie film-making with it's flagrant sexualtiy, examination of the human condition and it's all out flair in stylish direction. Funny, poignant and avant-gard is this intertwining collection of sexual misfits' stories. Orgasm-less sex therapist Sook-Yin Lee is counseling gay couple Jamie and Jamie (Paul Dawson & P.J. BeBoy) who desperately want to invite a third partner into their relationship, while domimatrix Jennifer can't seem to make a connection to anyone. Some out-right soft-core porn scenes accent the wild and crazy screenplay which converges all the characters in a sex club of sorts called Shortbus. A one of a kind film which the censors probably had a field dty with, so if you are open to a totally different type of sex comedy - this is DEFINITEY IT!
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By iplyruf
Written December 22, 2006
This is not a film for the prude. It fills you with sights and sounds of mind altering conections of sexual conduct and knowing our true being. The result is one of examining our own souls within sexuality and what might possibly push our own buttons. It is not just sex but envelopes you with challanges for deep set feelings and reactions to life and our relationships in that life..
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Chick flick with sex

By AmyE690
Written November 17, 2006

If you are a homophobe, don't go see this movie.  You will be disturbed by the amount of gay sex.  If you're open-minded, this is the movie to see.  It is about relationships and the general frailty of the human condition.  There are several storylines, all of which are captivating in some way.  It is rather like a date movie... definitely not a first date movie, but one you'd want to watch with a partner and discuss later.  It's darker and seedier than most, but I think that provides better fodder for post-movie conversation.

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By juldol
Written December 10, 2006
Great film, with wonderful themes. Very explicit sexual scenes, but done tastefully. I think everyone should see this film, it is quite entertaining!
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