One word to describe this movie: Amazing

By olympianknights
Written September 21, 2008
Soo me and my friends went to go see this movie, and it was awesome! We has such a good time seeing this movie. It was such a good movie, its like a drama thriller. I dont think the previews for this movie did it justice, because it was soo much better than the previews(and the previews looked pretty good to begin with). The storyline was soo good and clearly well thought out, and I definitely thought whoever picked the cast, they did a good job cause they did a a great job picking the perfect cast for the movie. Overall a must see movie.....
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Gripping storyline

By Swatick
Written September 25, 2008
I watched this movie at a special screening last night in New York. It deals in a sensitive subject matter with a gripping storyline which was handled well. These misconceptions and lack of basic religious understandings are everyday issues therefore instead of cannibalizing each other we need to address it and discover common grounds to resolve it. A MUST SEE MOVIE OF THE YEAR.
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A Very powerful thriller that stays with you

By ivar0701
Written September 21, 2008
It has to be one of the best films I have seen in a very long time. It is very topical. Ever since 9/11 our lives have changed drastically due to threat of radical Islam, and this is the first a film that precisely shows how suicide bombers are made. It is very entertaining. I was totally engrossed in the film and waited until the film was finished to go to the bathroom. Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri's acting is simply superb. Even though Greta has changed so much from here heat and dust days, she still looks good.
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Fantastic film, Really superb ans must see

By filmiguy
Written September 17, 2008
it was one of the best films I have ever seen on the rise of Islamic terrorism in the 21st century. No western filmmaker, so far, has been able to understand why Islamic terrorists kill themselves. The great thing about 'Shoot On Sight' is its pace. It moves like a taut thriller but at the same time offers incisive understanding of how Islamic terrorists are recruited. And, yet the film is largely sympathetic to Islam and its followers. Shoot On Sight depicts the diatribe of hate-preachers in a powerful as well as chilling style. Om Puri's performance as Imam gives you goose bumps,especially, when he incites mobs not to consider westerners innocents. He puts forth a seemingly logical argument to convince young innocent minds. I came out of the theater overwhelmed and so well-informed on many issues that one never sees anywhere.
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very good movie

By kv123
Written September 26, 2008
'Shoot on Sight' is a very engaging , thought provoking movie dealing with a complicated present day global problem of terrorism. It also very well expresses the problems faced by good Muslims who condemn terrorism. It's a well made movie that every thinking person will enjoy seeing it
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