Shoot on Sight Synopsis
A man is torn between his faith, his family and his profession.
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One word to describe this movie: Amazing

By olympianknights
Soo me and my friends went to go see this movie, and it was awesome! We has such a good time seeing this movie. It was such a good movie, its like a drama thriller. I dont think the previews for this...

Gripping storyline

By Swatick
I watched this movie at a special screening last night in New York. It deals in a sensitive subject matter with a gripping storyline which was handled well. These misconceptions and lack of basic...

A Very powerful thriller that stays with you

By ivar0701
It has to be one of the best films I have seen in a very long time. It is very topical. Ever since 9/11 our lives have changed drastically due to threat of radical Islam, and this is the first a film...

very good movie

By kv123
'Shoot on Sight' is a very engaging , thought provoking movie dealing with a complicated present day global problem of terrorism. It also very well expresses the problems faced by good Muslims who...

Fantastic film, Really superb ans must see

By filmiguy
it was one of the best films I have ever seen on the rise of Islamic terrorism in the 21st century. No western filmmaker, so far, has been able to understand why Islamic terrorists kill themselves....

Great movie

By jjjsmith
a well made movie with great acting and an awesome plot. this is a must see....

Loved the film. very thought provoking and great thriller

By ravig01
This is a very good film i have seen in a very long time. It really shows how terrorists are made. You stayed glued to the screen through out the film. It is entertaining thriller....


By sg1420
I was able to catch this movie in an advanced screening. I did not know much going into it but I ended up really enjoying the movie. The acting was excellent. The issues raised throughout the movie...

amazing movie

By luckylance1
I really enjoyed this movie. It was extremely intellectually stimulating and conveyed its point very nicely. They story always had me on the edge of my seat, constantly waiting to see what was going...

great movie, definitely go see!!

By moveyrater
Shoot on sight is an intense movie that revolves around a Muslim police officer following the events of the UK Underground bombings in 05. This movie is really unique because it shows Muslims and...

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Rated R | For some violence and language