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A rifle marksman hired to prevent a presidential assassination realizes he has been framed for it.
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Shooter RENTAL

By ironman16
was a ok movie. the action was good. the plot was alright. mark whalberg was the only good actor in this film. danny clover is old and needs to retire. sorta far retched. i thought that the ending...

By sidsid96

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By unseatedking
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Great Plot & Action- Great Combination

By mrm74rogers
The most unbelievable thing about this movie is that he gets his revenge. It's hard to believe that the storyline is fiction because of its relevence to our political climate....


By dakota62
This is a must see movie if you like military movies that have turned into revenge, that turns into a massive manhunt for a injured militaryman. The plot is betrayel and revenge....


By dilletante
Critics predicted Wahlberg could not carry a whole movie on his shoulders, that he lacked the emotional range. While his character was somewhat one dimensional, the film was highly entertaining,...

The Shooter

By lguadamuz
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Good action movie....

GO SEE IT NOW!!!! The BEST action movie that we have seen in a very long time!!!

By Jayfinny
We couldnt decide between 300 and Shooter and at the last minute we went to see Shooter and the plot was great. Constant action and suspense. Get out there and see this film. Dont wait for the DVD...

watch it again and again

By kyle4653
this is a movie that i will own. it would be better without the language, but still a pretty good movie....

shooter is the best movie ive ever seen

By Mets15
shooter was great, the plot was amazing with all the different locations. the acting was great, Mark walhberg is my favorite actor and Danny glover was great. better than Bourne series by far. so...

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Rated R | For strong graphic violence and some language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Gory vigilante political thriller for adults only.
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