The SLICK & the Dead

By jimchudnow
Written September 05, 2007
I saw an advance screening of this film: Written & directed by Michael Davis, “SHOOT ’EM UP” is an exceptionally WELL-DONE, slick, breath-taking thriller with Clive Owens playing a near-invincible, quasi-secret-agent type guy trying to save a baby from an unknown criminal gang run by Paul Giamatti (who’s involved with a covert political agenda). It’s a stylish, smart, funny & clever romp, filled with crafty double-entendre patter, fine special effects and near-nonstop, blood-splattered action. This is not suggested for the squeamish or easily offended-- but it’s very HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to everyone else!...
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By Daydream
Written September 15, 2007
Went into the movie thinking it wasnt gonna be all that and came out thinking the exact opposite. This movie has non-stop action, killing, guns, blood, and of course the one sex scene. (which is hilarious) this is a total guys movie and a must see in theatres because of all the action. very interesting take on an action film. i liked it.
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Great Action Movie! Must See It In Theaters!!!!

By howellhawk30
Written September 06, 2007
I went to a private screening, and did not know what to expect. The storyline is definetley not what drives this if you're looking for a good plot, and background story you'll probably be dissapointed. The reason why I say this is a MUST GO, is truely because of how great the action scenes are! There is always a movie that comes out that I rent at home instead of going to see at the theaters, and after watching it I say to myself...."damn that would of been SOOOOO cool to see on the big screen!" Folks....this is that movie! No one that saw the movie when I was there was dissapointed. It was actually the first movie I saw all year that everyone clapped at the end of! So go see for yourself!
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By Mgogue
Written July 09, 2008
Loved It - so funny - then so real -- you will never forget little Oliver - go to this one!!
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Gun Porn.

By TheLegendaryHitman
Written September 05, 2007
Yes, I said it...this movie is totally going to be about explosions, shooting, insane action and twisted humor...right up my alley! Granted, it will probably not have the most in depth plot or the most intriguing dialogue...but come on. It's called "SHOOT 'EM UP". You were expecting Shakespeare???
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