Shine a Light

By robinjones2001
Written April 16, 2008
Really enjoyed the movie overall. The fast-moving camera angles were a little dizzying at times, but worth it. I liked the historical interview bits that were sprinkled throughout the movie, most of which made me LOL! Only wish they would have played "Gimme Shelter." If you really like the Stones - it is a must-see!
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Shine A Light

By vwitbeck
Written April 11, 2008
I like the movie over all, but it was slow in places. It started out interesting and then the I-MAX footage kicked in and it was wonderful. After the third song, it became a little slow. They played quite a few less known songs, which way ok, but not great. Then they started playing more known songs and that made things pick up. My wife would of liked some more back stage footage mixed in with the film. They had some at first, but none once the music started. That was the biggest disappointment of the U2 film recently, no back stage or personal footage. Everyone can see a groups live footage, but a very few can see them back stage or more of their personal life. The I-MAX was great and the film was good.
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Shine a Light

By zandrew
Written April 15, 2008
Shine a Light was definitely worth the $16.00 Imax ticket. The sound was great as well as the addition of old clips. Be sure to sit in the upper rows because there are a lot of close ups that had us straining our necks at times.
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Shine a Light IMAX

By dylan__fan
Written April 09, 2008
Best concert seat in the house in IMAX format with Bill Clinton to boot. Old bodies with a youthful performance, it's a Stone's fan must.
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Random Thoughts on Shine a Light

By Yogi Mi
Written April 09, 2008
Great cinematography, editing, and sound, as you can imagine with Scorsese. It was great to see the Stones still moving and playing like it was 1967 (or better), but it was sad and almost heartrending for me to see their faces that look like they are ancient and half way in the crypt. But like the werewolf of London, their hair, it was perfect (how do they do that - wigs, implants, I don't know). Mick was really moving for the camera, Charlie is still great, and Keith was hot and better than I remember (he was running circles around Buddy Guy teasing him during his guest appearance). The audience at the show (at the filming) were a bunch of rich philanthropists and their debutante kids without the raw energy of most Stones' audiences (you know I can't move too fast or I'll ruin my hair). The audience at our show (the 5:20 Saturday at Universal) were dead and not moving at all. You may want to go to a later show if you can. Also, IMAX might be a scary for little kids.
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