Enjoyable Story

By MissGimpyGirl
Written March 06, 2009
I saw this movie at Cinequest las year in San Jose, where it won the fan favorite award. The story was an uplifting tale with humor throughout. As the characters develop the plot moves forward creating interesting aspects, such as Sherman realizing the importance of life through his interactions with new characters. One especially funny character was Enrico Colantoni, whose roll lifts the movie higher than expected and shows the audience that happiness is the true goal in life. The cinematography is also very well done, and does wonders with the settings. This movie is a feel good movie that makes you glad you spent your time and money on it.
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Sherman's Way

By lindaiggy
Written March 08, 2009
What a great movie! Excellent performances, a wonderful story. I loved this pic - a definite must-see!
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Enjoyable Movie

By Fan156
Written March 06, 2009
Funny and uplifting
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Not Bergman but innocent fun.

By freshi
Written March 12, 2009
Cute little romantic comedy (a genre I loathe). Shows that with a light touch you can turn what frankly is rather formulaic (uptight overachiever learns to loosen up after meeting washed out but sympathetic former overachiever, as they each teach one another an important lesson in life) into a quite entertaining 95 min. The slight twist in the formula is that Sherman Black is an over-privileged mama's boy and snob - not exactly likable at first sight. But the movie is mostly shot in beautiful California wine country, bathed in gorgeous light - so that already goes over easy. And many scenes, including those that establish Sherman's emotional development, are more sketched than fully acted out, which gives the film (a) levity (no need to show us what we've seen x times) and (b) style. The love story, between Sherman and a local bohemian artist/waitress, will probably not lead to a happily ever after but stay a summer fling. Similar to watching this movie.
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