Would Not Pay to See it Again

By Trekker12
Written January 01, 2010
Slow script. The movie dragged in several places. I found myself looking at my watch to see how much longer I'd have to sit through this. Interesting scenery and special effects.
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By Bailey1957
Written January 02, 2010
This is another one of those movies that looked SO good in the trailers & I was convinced I'd like it Long before I saw it. I was wrong. The 1st 30-odd minutes were griping & kept me wanting more. Esp. the pre-fight analysis Holmes did. Very cool. Not long after wards, it completely lost me. Slow-moving & generally uninteresting to me. & after such potential too. A letdown for me, but your mileage may vary.
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Filled with action but easy to follow

By alika82
Written January 03, 2010
I wasn't excited to see this movie, but my husband was interested. I went happy to look at Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law for a couple of hours, and surprisingly ended up really liking the movie! It was exciting and didn't lose my attention. The thing I liked best was the scenes where Sherlock thought through something, so anything that could have been confusing was easy to follow and appreciate. This movie is probably best watched on the big screen.
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Downey Jr. and Law chemistry is best aspect

By MikeRubio
Written December 29, 2009
Found it to be, like most Ritchie flicks, a little confounding and overwhelming as far as story line. Could use more editing. Having said that, Robert Downey Jr.'s on-screen charisma is rarely disappointing and he and Jude Law play wonderfully off of each other. The backdrop of Old England is great and well crafted for the screen... it's just a little much.
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Sherlock Holmes

By becca2g
Written December 27, 2009
Jude Law and Robert Downing Jr. are as charming as ever and I immediately fell in love with both of them. The action was extraordinary and the plot mesmerizing. Pay attention though, and don't leave to refill your popcorn, or you will be left behind to try to catch up and figure out the sarcasm that flew while you were gone. A person has to be able to follow a complicated plot, so children under 12 would not enjoy anything but the action.
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