Sherlock Holmes Synopsis
Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner Watson embark on their latest challenge.
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SHERLOCK HOLMES. Grade: C-plus (Based on advance VIP press preview on Monday Dec. 21st. 2009)

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle's world-famous sleuth was given a modern face-lift resulting in Sherlock Holmes taking on the mantle of a action-hero in this 128-min movie that was directed by Guy...

Guy Ritchie returns with entertaining version of Sherlock Holmes

By beamerboy
I had an opportunity to go to a press screening last night of the new Guy Ritchie film Sherlock Holmes. I went in with low expectations as this is a Guy Ritchie film (i.e. Swept Away, RollnRolla, and...

Sacred ground

By raingod
below were my initiial thoughs before seeing the movie, I must say I am very pleasantly surprised, many nods to the original stories, downey jr and law make a great holmes/watson team, cant wait to...

Sherlock Holmes might be the new Indiana Jones

By movies-4-me
Guy Ritchie, being a stylish, if self-indulgent, director has managed to make a great film that manages to maintain the essence of the original Arthur Conan Doyle character, created more than 120...

Decent English Thrill

By blu hawaii
Essentially a soft steampunk "reboot" of the classic Arthur Conan Doyle stories, "Sherlock Holmes" depicts the title character as a restless, obsessive mind in need of constant stimulation, Watson...


By jamalmccall
Nice Action, but a little hard to keep up with the English accent. I prefer less talking and more fighting. Its worth seeing....

Five Word Review

By destinyjazzhands
robert downey jr is HOTTT...

Sherlock Holmes

By grgonn
Another Guy Richie diaster. Not only do I want my money back but I want to be paid for my time viewing it. I actually fell asleep it was so boring along with two others who were with me. What should...

Sooo worth ticket price

By redyeah
This movie was funny, smart, exciting, sexy (for both genders) and really worth all the pre-hype. Robert Downey Jr. just can't miss these last couple years. As a bonus saw the Iron Man 2 trailer,...

I Walked Out In The Middle Of The Movie

By drnaima
I was excited to see this movie but ended up sorely disappointed. In fact, I walked out mid movie. The bad guys were devil worshippers, practicing black magic. They were sacrificing virgins, raising...

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Rated PG-13 | For for intense sequences of violence and action, some startling images and a scene of suggestive material