Generic action flick passed off as Sherlock Holmes

By Adam W
Written December 27, 2011
I was sorely disappointed with this movie. I was expecting Sherlock Holmes but in the end you really could have made this movie using any character. Turning the Sherlock Holmes franchise into a martial arts fighting, swashbuckling action hero really does a disservice to what makes Sherlock Holmes so entertaining. Just another instance of Hollywood ruining a masterpiece by ignoring what made the original so compelling and instead injecting it with special effects laden action mumbo jumbo.
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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

By regalrater
Written December 17, 2011
To me Sherlock Holmes' movies should be mysteries and not action flicks. This was definitely an action flick and not my cup of tea. It was a good action flick with great effects. but a losy Sherlock Holmes' movie
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Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows

By kdka1020
Written December 18, 2011
It was great. You really need to pay attention and even then I'll see it a second time. Loads of good one liners. Yo even need to pay attention to the music to catch everything.
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Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows

Written August 22, 2014
Movie was better written than the first. I think the first movie was overall better than this one but I liked this one nonetheless. I do want to see it again!
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Sherlock does it again.....

By RachaelBug
Written December 16, 2011
Truthfully, not as good as the first one, still a great movie on it's own. Absolutely a must see!!! I may see it again before it leaves the theatre.
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