Long and hard to understand Robert Downy Jr.'s British Accent

By nicholasderoche
Written December 18, 2014
The movie was a tad bit long—I've come to expect this from hollywood now-a-days. However; where it was easy to understand Jude Law's acting; I found it difficult to listen to Robert Downy Jr.'s mumbling.
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If your looking for a reason to spend you hard earned money and a reason to go back to the movies...

By totalcarnage
Written December 19, 2011
I for one have found myself for lack of a better term..movied out. I have not been to the movies since the last Pirates movie and befoe that True Grit. Needless to say I just wasnt feelling it. I was a huge fan of the first Sherlock Holmes movie and really enjoy watching Robert Downy Jr. so of course I had to go see this , good or bad. To my satisfaction this movie was so much fun, I cant remember the last time I left the movie theatre looking forward to only wanting to turn around and see this movie again. It was so witty, action packed and extremely clever. Ive talked to some who dont like it or want to wait to rent it, but if you truly enjoy humor and a just overall feelgood movie, my money is on this one. Probably twice more at the theatres and on blu ray when its released. Its that good in my opinion....5 stars
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Not what I expected.

By mha2putt
Written December 19, 2011
I was looking for a more of a who done it type movie, but the movie was more of an action flick. The slow motion sequences added to the action scenes. All in all I was very entertained throughout.
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Sherlock Holmes

By Im Fresh
Written December 17, 2011
If you want to take a nap this is the movie to see. Sherlock is now a Nija fighter, palm reader, can see the future and jump out of the way of bullets, cars, horses. but rides a donkey??? Frankly, this movie stinks and was a complete waist of time and money. Its completely unbelievable, the story line is WEAK, and the characters are from a cartoon! I give it a ZERO STAR!
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By titanschick
Written October 01, 2014
It was feeling a little slow about 2/3 of the way in, but the ending definitely made the movie. Don't waste your time staying through all the credits, there wasn't a teaser at the end.
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