Best movie sequel!

By sumhorns
Written September 29, 2016
I loved the first Sherlock Holmes, but this one was EVEN BETTER! Lots of action, suspense, intrigue and comedy, set in a well-done staging and effects... great actors, great storyline, lots of moving parts, I will own this one when it comes out! :) GO SEE IT!
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Familiarity Breeds The Opposite Truth

By whatlight
Written May 25, 2016
I went in thinking 'this is only a sequel.' I left yearning for the next one. SHII plunges us back into the now well established characters, who we suddenly love and appreciate for their eccentricities. To bring this out, there is far less of the fantastical magic scenes that dominated its predecessor, and far more of Holmes’ deductive reasoning. We also appreciate how Holmes and Watson are a hand and glove team, each with an amazing, split-second appreciation of the next save-the-day-move that simply must be done, and is done. Apparently the producers finally realized that these are precisely the skills that gave the detective series its enduring following. As to the evil guy, the movie concentrates on his driving greed. This was believable. He positioned himself to become a war-profiteer, and did his best to ignite WWI - early. This was far easier to grasp and appreciate than the earlier version, where it seemed to be some crazy desire for evil domination. Bully ho ho!
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Suspend Disbelief and Just Enjoy The Film

By JayAndrews
Written February 10, 2016
Robert Downey Jr. is about the last person we ever thought would play Sherlock Holmes, but the films have been a fun ride and the latest is no exception. Poor Dr. Watson (Jude Law) doesn't stand a chance of a normal life while Holmes is around. Getting to the church on time for his own wedding proves to be a real trial. Director Guy Ritchie has made this installment into a much more physical and violent production. We tend to think of Holmes as far more cerebral and logical than a fist pounder, but for Downey ... it seems to work. There are parts of the film where the special effects go beyond silly, but that's just the nature of it. Slow motion bullets and big guns seem to go on for a bit too long but Downey and Law are great together and you should be entertained until the final scene ... no matter how odd it seems. Leave the kiddies at home ... they shouldn't see the graphic violence and probably would not get the humor.
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Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

By Master Wolfe
Written August 28, 2015
From the first minute til the very end the movie was adventerous and captivating. The edge of your seat thriller left one wondering about the hero until the very end. I found it intriguing and a must see.
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Very Entertaining, some old tricks

By kjtriplett
Written May 06, 2016
I loved the movie. The action was fun and the story was engaging. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. However, the whole slow motion, preview the fight, then execute thing was rehashed from the first one and this time just kind of seemed a bit boring.
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