Shatner's World Synopsis
Shatner’s World, the critically acclaimed one-man show, takes audiences on an exhilarating behind-the-scenes voyage through his storied life and career.

Movie Reviews

Beam up to Shatner's world

By cbspock
Shatner tells some really funny stories about his youth, his involvement with Star Trek, NASA, and his love of family and his horses. He also throws in a few life lessons. If you have read any of his...

Fan or not, You will Enjoy This!

By anne_mcquade
Bill takes us through the highs and lows of his lengthy career and gives us insight into the highs and lows of his personal life as well. He has a much better sense of humor and sense of comedic...


By muvee3218
Great show. As always, Shatner entertains. We enjoyed every moment of the show....

Absolute must see!

By sjsturkie
You will laugh and maybe even cry. I loved it....

Shantners the man

By wwbryant
At 80 he sparkles. Hope I am as articulate at his age. Loved the show. If you are a Bill fan then this is a must see....

Shatner's World

By conoltyr

Truly entertaining

By mickvk
The art of entertainment is lost on so many new lip syncing new comers but Shatner still has what it takes to truly delight and engage. A little self deprecation, a little humble bragging, a little...

Who doesn't love William Shatner?!?!

By buttercup511
If you love Shatner, then you'll love Shatner's World!! If you don't love him, then I think you'll like it anyway. The man's just so funny!! Who doesn't like him?! Check it out....