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Shark Night review

By mydoggylives
Written February 19, 2012
Not Great, but not Terrible either. Will make you jump!
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Shark Night review

By luvable1s
Written September 02, 2011
awful story line!! 3d was ok. Acting was ok, the usual shark action. However, they left one of the origianl incidents, unfinished, and again the story line was super unbelievable. I would wait for netflix or something.
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Don't stay after the credits.

By E_Bo
Written September 04, 2011
I enjoy cheezy movies, this however was still a disappointment. The first 45 minutes or so was "The CW/WB network presents: Kids on Vacation." Then they think, oh yeah this is a shark attack movie, let's start adding sharks. Lame shark affects, both cgi & the RUBBER shark. Plot moments that don't make sense, "a lead character loses his arm, is dying through loss of blood, then appears on shore holding a spear?" And the actors/actresses didn't seem to know they were in a theatrical release. No nudity and/or gore for those looking for that. Overall at first I gave this a low C- just because me and my friends laughed are asses off the entire movie. But I was told to stay after the credits. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!! After the credits the entire cast does a rap music video, where they all have sideways hats, and grills. Even blonde hair, blue eyed Sara Paxton.(whose career is now officially over, so I guess she said, whatever.) See it as cheap as possible, and DON'T STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!!!!!!
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By jbob4298
Written September 03, 2011
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By vstate2010
Written September 04, 2011
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