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By jonwhitesell
Written December 18, 2014
Sharknado was Epic on the large screen! Sharks, Tornadoes, Babes, Blood - and a midnight showing? Think Jaws meets Rocky Horror picture story! A must see for all!
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Generational Movie

By tache4
Written January 25, 2015
Every generation has its worst. My parent's generation had "Return to Peyton Place". My generation had the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", where people threw rice and other stuff to the screen. The new generation has "Sharknado". It is the worst that these times can produce. It is so bad it's funny. I say go see it. You will remember it all your lives and your kids will make fun of you .
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A cinematic tour du Sharknado

By jrg56
Written January 28, 2015
I did not catch this before it caused a sensation but saw it on its second airing on SyFy. I've never laughed so hard. This is truly a phenomenon. When given the opportunity to see it on the big screen I couldn't pass it up. I and my friends drove roughly 50 miles to Orlando to see it. I was originally worried about driving back so late, but we laughed all the way home. Thank you for bringing this to the big screen next time IMAX 3D :) I downloaded the theme on GOOGLE PLAY, I've pre-ordered the Blu-Ray it's SHARKNADO Nuff Said!
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Sharknado rules!

By crazycatladykc
Written March 05, 2015
Riotously horribly bad in the best possible way. Saw it on the big screen and everyone in the theater greatly enjoyed it. And "The Ballad of Sharkado" will be stuck in my head forever!
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Sharknado: Why, Why, Why would you pay to see this.....

By pwbenz
Written December 22, 2014
To all those saying they are going to actually pay money to see this. Good luck. I had the displeasure of seeing this with my kids on tv and I actually felt the brain cells in my head pop and die from the horrid acting and supposed special effects. It is time on my short life on earth that was literally wasted seeing this. If you wish to go, so be it. But I truely warn anyone that there are other movies out there you can throw your money at. I enjoy bad movies, mostly for the comic reaction I get. Especially ones from the Syfy channel, but this one was just.... I can't really pin down exactly where or how much is bad, because it is all bad. As I said before. Good luck if you are going.
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