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Just do it

By spikechamp15
Written August 05, 2013
If you want to sit around and be too cool for things, then don't see this movie. If you want to have a fun time with a really campy movie that makes fun of itself and its genre, then this is the movie for you. I went to see it on the big screen with a couple friends on Friday night at midnight - totally awesome. The low-budgetness started from the very beginning, when the theater logged into their Dish Network account to start the movie off the TV server. After that, it was classic from start to finish - the ridiculous premise, the terrible (yet awesome) one-liners, the creative kills, the PG-13 bikini clad women. And the best part - they showed the 'making of' featurette after the movie, followed by the blooper reel. The producer and the director seemed to take it seriously, while Ian Ziering was clearly just there for the lark, and I'm not sure John Heard wasn't 5 beers deep during his interview. All in all, if you're considering seeing this movie on SyFy, just do it.
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Sharknado @ midnight: soooooo bad, it's good!

By toniajr
Written August 05, 2013
This movie was hilarious to see as a midnight film in a theater full of people hooting and commenting, some of them decked out in shark-wear. We enjoyed mocking it at home when it ran on the SyFy channel, but I would go again and again with friends to any midnight screening, just for the pure fun of the cult-movie experience. Sharknado is already the Showgirls of shark movies - bad writing, ridiculous dialogue, how-did-they-not-laugh acting.... but it is destined for bigger things - like, it will turn out to be this century's Plan 9 from Outer Space.
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A Perfect Rendering of a Film Named Sharknado

By cmackey4
Written August 05, 2013
When you go to see a film named Sharknado, you know you are going into a B-movie with a ridiculous plot and lost of sharks. And that is what you get. Bad acting, insane physics, cheesy special effects. It was heaven. The action starts quick with sharks, the sharknados appear later, and the movie ends when the last shark drops. No annoying set up, no after the sharks drama. Just sharks and weather destroying Los Angeles. The whole thing is a riot. See it and long for the sequel.
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Sharknado, so bad it's good

By chicagoghost
Written August 03, 2013
This flick is a must see. Sort of like a trainwreck. First, the acting is as bad as Tara Reid's botched boob job. The one liners are plentiful and the misogyny is blatant. They literally spent hundreds of dollars on special effects. I would like to think that this is the kind of movie Ed Wood would make if he had the technology of the modern era.
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Audience reactions: subpar

By beezermae
Written August 06, 2013
THrow it in the B-movie archive. I wish I had seen it for free on my laptop rather than paying to see it in IMAX... -We got shushed in the theater for making fun of it too loudly -Fell asleep intermittantly during the last hour. -Heard somewhere that it passed the Bechdel Test... that conversation must have happened while I was sleeping because from what I remember, the only convo between two ladies was about the male figure hero. Doesn't count.
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