Sharknado Synopsis
The “made-for-TV guilty pleasure”, Sharknado, is coming to select cinemas nationwide for an exclusive midnight showing!
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The Government and/or Global Warming has gone too far.

By lvoss
Hands down the funniest shark attack movie ever made. For those to worried to go into the water, Sharknado brings the sharks to you. They are in the streets, in your car, and in your homes. They...

Soon To Be Cult Classic

By nastca
Attended the midnight showing with my ten year old son. I would almost consider this a spoof of an action/thriller movie. The acting was not great......come on, it was Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. ...

Best. Movie. Outing. EVER!!!!!

By paulasheu
OMG this movie is so awful that it is absolutely AWESOME!!! It was packed with instant classic scenes/lines that will be repeated for years to come. I laughed so loud that I made my friends a...


By iolie45
SHARKNADO lived up to all the hype. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone in audience were laughing and clapping throughout the movie. During the song intro several people danced and laughed to the song....


By jonwhitesell
Sharknado was Epic on the large screen! Sharks, Tornadoes, Babes, Blood - and a midnight showing? Think Jaws meets Rocky Horror picture story! A must see for all!...

Generational Movie

By tache4
Every generation has its worst. My parent's generation had "Return to Peyton Place". My generation had the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", where people threw rice and other stuff to the screen. The...

Sharknado rules!

By crazycatladykc
Riotously horribly bad in the best possible way. Saw it on the big screen and everyone in the theater greatly enjoyed it. And "The Ballad of Sharkado" will be stuck in my head forever!...

This movie is one big gag reel

By Frennzy
I thought it was hilarious and over the top when I watched it on TV. The nice thing about the DVR is that you can watch the movie in smaller doses if time doesn't permit you to blow two hours in one...

A cinematic tour du Sharknado

By jrg56
I did not catch this before it caused a sensation but saw it on its second airing on SyFy. I've never laughed so hard. This is truly a phenomenon. When given the opportunity to see it on the big...

The best worst movie you will ever see!

By mzela002
This movie is terrible. Absolutely wretched. And that's what makes it so great. It was envisioned as a great big joke. Sharks swimming in 3 inches of water? Sharks surviving in tornadoes? People...