Shane Baumel

Worked With

Year Name Title
2006 Julia Roberts The Ant Bully
2006 Laraine Newman The Ant Bully
2006 Lily Tomlin The Ant Bully
2006 Ricardo Montalban The Ant Bully
2006 Regina King The Ant Bully
2006 Paul Giamatti The Ant Bully
2006 Bruce Campbell The Ant Bully
2006 Nicolas Cage The Ant Bully
2006 Meryl Streep The Ant Bully
2006 Drew Barrymore Curious George
2006 Dick Van Dyke Curious George
2006 Eugene Levy Curious George
2006 Joan Plowright Curious George
2006 Will Ferrell Curious George
2006 Clint Howard Curious George
2006 Eartha Kitt The Emperor's New School [Animated TV Series]
2006 Rip Taylor The Emperor's New School [Animated TV Series]
2006 Miriam Margolyes Happy Feet
2006 Hugh Jackman Happy Feet
2006 Nicole Kidman Happy Feet
2006 Anthony LaPaglia Happy Feet
2006 Hugo Weaving Happy Feet
2006 Elijah Wood Happy Feet
2006 Robin Williams Happy Feet
2006 Allison Janney Over the Hedge
2006 Wanda Sykes Over the Hedge
2006 Thomas Haden Church Over the Hedge
2006 Catherine O'Hara Over the Hedge
2006 Nick Nolte Over the Hedge
2006 Steve Carell Over the Hedge
2006 Garry Shandling Over the Hedge
2006 William Shatner Over the Hedge
2006 Eugene Levy Over the Hedge
2006 Bruce Willis Over the Hedge
2004 Charles Durning A Boyfriend for Christmas
2004 Martin Mull A Boyfriend for Christmas
2003 Steve Zahn Daddy Day Care
2003 Eddie Murphy Daddy Day Care
2003 Regina King Daddy Day Care
2003 Anjelica Huston Daddy Day Care
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