Shame (2011) Synopsis
A thirty-something's myriad sexual escapades and what happens when his younger sister moves in with him.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Todd McCarthy
Driven by a brilliant, ferocious performance by Michael Fassbender, Shame is a real walk on the wild side, a scorching look at a case of...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Amy Biancolli
Shame has a lolling pace and stunning visual clarity. Structurally, it's close to perfect - its precision echoed in the Glenn Gould piano...
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
These characters are stripped bare in every sense, reflecting an extreme degree of inner confusion, vulnerability and fear. Betrayed and...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Carrie Rickey
McQueen finds the exquisite tension between the brother wanting to disconnect and the sister longing for connection. To paraphrase a line...
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
Michael Fassbender delivers a bold and brilliantly immersive performance as a sex addict in Shame. He is so raw and riveting you won't be...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Fassbender's portrayal is truly haunting, and when he sobs, dramatically unraveling, it's clear he's imprisoned by his physical urges.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
Much of the film is banal or pretentious, or both - vacuous vignettes about emptiness. Occasionally, though, those vignettes burst into...
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By Mark Jenkins
It was frantic sex that earned Shame an NC-17 rating, but this arty drama is mostly slow and methodical. And thoroughly unsexy.
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Boston Globe

By Wesley Morris
There's a misery in Fassbender that's spellbinding. I rolled my eyes for most of Shame. But never at him. That face tells the story of...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
The biggest surprise in Shame is how distanced, passionless, and merely skin-deep the director's attention is - how little he cares about...
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Not worth seeing in the theatres.

By Bklynboy3
The movie is interesting, but that's the best adjective to describe. Slow moving, with too many scenes where the characters stair at each other, the movie failed to engage the audience in the...

What a heart breaking depiction of what a sex addict goes through

By therecluse
Millions of americans suffer with sex addiction and so few films depict it. His story may be all to familier to some and gut wrenching to others, either way it is an excellent film to ponder on....


By poohandtigger
Great conceptually but not well executed and did not reveal the origins off the main characters behavior...


By TSelz
Watching someone who is completely shut down emotionally is like watching paint dry. Very slow and boring, with a couple of good shots. Overall, not worth the time or money....

American Wet Dreaming

By Jake_Gittes
The 9/11 Era ended on 9/15/08, the day Lehman Bros. filed Chap. 11 and big-time bailouts began. Shame has no pity for NYC. Manhattan serves as the backdrop for over-leveraged sex. Imagine Brandon...

shamelessly overrated

By stephen450
SHAME arrived on a burst of publicity for its sexual content and daring. Unfortunately though there is plenty of adult nudity, there is no emotional warmth or sexual connection of any sort. It is a...

A Masterpiece (and Incredibly Unsexy)

By Rendezvous
I really pity the viewers who came to Shame looking for a sexy movie (Fassbender? Sex addict? Sounds hot!) because dear lord it was brilliant in how incredibly unsexy it was. This isn't a run of...

No thanks.

By riodealer
They go for shock value by showing the ***** way more than needed. Not a great plot. No character to root for or against. Just boring....


By touchofevil59
The story of a man who is addicted to sex and porn. There are many ways to tell this story and I think Steve McQueen manages to tell it in a fasinating way. Michael Fassbender plays Brandon and man...


By See-A-Lot
The movie is slow and boring, in spite of the many nude and provacative scenes. There is very little story and the end leaves things unresolved....

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Rated NC-17 | For Explicit sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Powerful drama about sex addiction is NOT for kids.
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