Not worth seeing in the theatres.

By Bklynboy3
Written December 04, 2011
The movie is interesting, but that's the best adjective to describe. Slow moving, with too many scenes where the characters stair at each other, the movie failed to engage the audience in the charactes' plight. Although it avoids becoming and over-produced porn film, the film still fails to deliver on substance or plot. Wait until it's available to stream from Netflix.
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What a heart breaking depiction of what a sex addict goes through

By therecluse
Written February 17, 2012
Millions of americans suffer with sex addiction and so few films depict it. His story may be all to familier to some and gut wrenching to others, either way it is an excellent film to ponder on. Fassbender and Muligan did a fantastic job. The under tones of this film are a story on their own. You can almost hear the inner dialogue of the characters without the film telling you what they are which makes them that much more powerful. Do yourself a favor and go see this film and be prepared for lots of feelings to work through afterward.
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By poohandtigger
Written December 07, 2011
Great conceptually but not well executed and did not reveal the origins off the main characters behavior
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By TSelz
Written December 12, 2011
Watching someone who is completely shut down emotionally is like watching paint dry. Very slow and boring, with a couple of good shots. Overall, not worth the time or money.
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American Wet Dreaming

By Jake_Gittes
Written January 02, 2012
The 9/11 Era ended on 9/15/08, the day Lehman Bros. filed Chap. 11 and big-time bailouts began. Shame has no pity for NYC. Manhattan serves as the backdrop for over-leveraged sex. Imagine Brandon (Michael Fassbender) working on the floor below the greedheads in Margin Call, calling the same call girls in Inside Job. It's a loveless town in which husbands put big rocks on the hands of their wives and wallow in the city-sex while raising their children in the suburbs hermetically via skype, the same technology used to buy safe sex. As good as Fassbender is (McQueen has given him close-ups that rival what Bergman gave his actors), it is Carey Mulligan's singing of "New York, New York," that rips the national facade of success off the icon. Brandon & Sissy emigrated to the U.S. from Ireland for this, the shame of "success"? While the cinematography often sustains realism shooting scenes w/o cuts, there is also a dynamic scene sequence. No bottom, Just stumble subway to penthouse & back.
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