Shall We Kiss

By nuoz
Written April 14, 2009
It is usually a good bet when a French filmaker is doing a romantic comedy and this movie was n exception to that general rule. Both love stories were very realistic and well-acted. And no pat Hollywood "they both lived happily ever after". There were tough times and a bittersweet ending for one couple. I thoroughly enjoyed this film as well as the woman who watched it with me.
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Shall We Kiss?

Written April 05, 2009
As only the French can do, Shall We Kiss made a somewhat light weight storyline into a poignant and enjoyable film. The ensemble acting was terrific and although the plan concocted to have a former girlfriend meet a current lover's husband was very silly and unsophisticated, the film raised some interesting issues about platonic relationships.
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Shall we kiss?

By kennethcool94
Written April 05, 2009
One of the best french romantic comedy for years!
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Shall We Kiss

By rosaferris
Written June 06, 2009
I enjoyed this French Film. I thought it was a bit awkward watching it, but it definately had some poetic meaning behind it.
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