San Francisco Chronicle

By Edward Guthmann
In his big-screen directing debut, British film maker Danny Boyle demonstrates wit, intelligence and economy of style.
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TV Guide

By Ethan Alter
Danny Boyle's effective psychological thriller.
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Wall Street Journal

By Julie Salamon
This clever thriller has the juiced-up, hyperactive feel of a rock video. [07 Mar 1995]
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Boston Globe

By Jay Carr
Black comedy and film noir are around one another smartly and wickedly in Danny Boyle's Shallow Grave, a tense, twisty Scottish-made thriller that's going to break out of Glasgow in a big way. [24 Feb 1995]
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

By Rick Groen
Just sit back, plug in, and enjoy the shocks - so adroitly administered, so sweetly sensational. [24 Feb 1995]
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By James Berardinelli
Taken as a whole, Shallow Grave is a reasonably enjoyable (for those captivated by this sort of thing) black comedy/noir thriller that justifies at least a portion of the praise being heaped upon it from overseas.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Scott Brown
Danny Boyle's glittering, deadpan, nihilistic little thriller.
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San Francisco Examiner

Smart and unsentimental as it is, Shallow Grave is more than a little forbidding.
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Wilmington
There's something in Shallow Grave that is admirable, beyond its obvious display of youthful talent. [24 Feb 1995]
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
All of the materials are in place for a film that might have pleased Orwell. But somehow they never come together.
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