Shakespeare's Beautiful Love.

By Moviedude
Written July 30, 2007
Many people who are shallow minded,and can't think outside of the box usually dislike Shakpeare In Love,only because "it stole Saving Private Ryan's Best-Picture Oscar."Let me make one thing clear,THIS WAS THE FLAT-OUT BEST-PICTURE OF 1998,AND FLAT-OUT DESERVED THAT OSCAR FOR BEST-PICTURE.You have to think about this movie,and it's material.How many war movies have been made?!A countless number of them.How many about Shakespeare,and his life have been made?!One,and that is Shakespeare In Love.The materialwas very risque,and much like American Beauty,if it were in any other hands,it never would have worked.John Madden couldn't have done a better job with this masterpiece.Just like how Sam Mendes was meant to direct American Beauty,John Madden was meant to make 'Shakespeare'.The performances are incredible,by the whole cast,the direction flawless,and the sets take you to the time of Shakespeare.The final scene runs into the credits,sort of,is so majestically done,I cried!!!!A MUST-SEE!
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By MaroMT09
Written July 27, 2013
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I loved the feel of this movie

By Los Angeles Movie Review
Written June 21, 2009
This was Gwyneth Paltrow's best role. She's very good. Joseph Fiennes is also good in this story about young Shakespeare, who is out of ideas, when a woman inspires him to write a great play. John Madden directs it with lots of romance floating around in the movie, which comes from the romantic script by :Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard.
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