Goos start but a horrible ending

By mayurnath
Written March 01, 2014
The movie started out very good and was very funny. The first half was very good and then it started getting too serious and towards the end, it got even more bizzare. The ending could have been better, also if the second half of the movie had more comedy it would have been better
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Worst movie

By MovieLVR65
Written March 10, 2014
My God, this movie has so much western influence...I dont think it suits our culture. I was shocked to see Divya in Western outfit. She looks so amazing in Saris. I think she should skip wearing Western outfits. Or she must lose Rani did. I left the movie withing 20 minutes after watching it and realized it is a typical Bollywood fluff.
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Hilarious like hell.. go go go for it !

By cbu420
Written March 01, 2014
It's funny, real and complete entertainment. Farhan is a treat to watch.. some very nice dialogues and awesome moments.
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Not up to the mark

By Raghothama
Written March 08, 2014
I thought it would be an entertaining 2 hrs show but it was not worth it.
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By rajeshjack1984
Written February 28, 2014
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