Well worth the wait!!!

By aelzer
Written May 28, 2008
I am a die hard fan of the shows. I have every episode taped and I have the DVD series. I saw the premiere in Pittsburgh on 5/27. I also have a free movie ticket to go again, I will be first in line on Friday. I don't think they could have done this movie any better, it is perfect. The whole theater laughed and cried all together, I don't want to give any of the details out yet since it's not out yet. I am so glad to see all of the characters have returned. It is well worth it and I am so waiting for the DVD to come out.
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Fun, Fun, Fun

By tt_232010
Written May 30, 2008
This movie is absolutely a great adult movie to see. I went in thinking that it would be okay, average, and another everyday movie.Wrong!!! This movie is funny as hell, and seductive. The best way that i can describe this movie is similar to the excitement of a person going to a new amusement park for the first time. Fun, Fun, Fun. This is a fun movie. I thought that the directors, producers-everyone did a great job in making the movie so damn attractive. The movie is just as identical as the show. It is produced just like a soap opera. Truly though, I did not want the movie to end, even though i was tired. I was so surprised by how they did this movie By the way, i went to a late night screening. There were close to 140 attendents in that theatre. 14 of them were men, including myself. The sex scenes were "colorful." This is definetly a chick flick, but by far the best chick flick I've seen around
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I can't wait....

By Mandalyn
Written May 07, 2008
This movie has been long awaited and should be fabulous. I am so excited and will be getting advanced tickets and it will be a girl's night out. If you notice most of the reviews that are negative are from men - they are intimated by strong independent women.
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Count Down!

By drmgrl
Written May 15, 2008
Sooo Excited! Contrary to the newspaper that states the girls in "Sex & the City" have mislead the masses with their bad behavior, i have found that it represented my emotions, beauty and guts!!! THANX GIRLS!!! Approx. 20 beautiful females have all decided to meet for the event starting at Mangia E Bevi then out for a stroll to the movies with our man "Manhattan." See the rest of you girls out there! Have Fun!
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Sex and the City

By mcorbin
Written June 02, 2008
I saw the movie Saturday with a group of girls & we all loved it. I thought the ending was great.
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